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Day 24 – Altcoins ready to expolode

It has been over three weeks since I’ve started my cryptocurrency investment journey. I’ve learned a lot during that time, but there is a long way ahead of me. While I’ve put most of the money in risky investments, the timing was good. We have a bullish market, so there is a good chance that will show some nice profit by end of the year. At the same time, I’m experimenting with saving account, as a more safe cryptocurrency investment. Starting from today I’ll also include in the summary.

I use trading bot, to manage my altcoin portfolio, . If you are interested what is, I highly recommend reading my previous articles: Day 0 – & and – Binance Crypto Trading Bot Review

Spot Profit & Loss Analysis

PNL 2021 10 17 14 01 07
PNL Analysis –


The top 5 altcoins of my portfolio are:

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at $116
  • TRON (TRX) at $112
  • FUNToken (FUN) at $105
  • Zcash (ZEC) at $94
  • (YFI) at $91

My whole portfolio of crypto altcoins, after 24 days:

My investment is very small, just $127,92. I’ve been using it for few days and it looks very promising. I’m going to put more money into If you haven’t read the review yet, please do it: earn interest on your cryptocurrency investments. Please note the profit/loss in the summary might be different then what is shown in the screenshot due to I’ve opt to earn in NEXO Tokens(and the price of NEXO might change)

Nexo io 2021 10 17 13 58 25


Altcoins are still waiting to explode, not much change in over portfolio value. There is just a slight profit in the last few days, but still, Bitcoin is dominating the market. We might see a new ATH in the upcoming weeks. I think is a very good sign for the crypto market. Also, the approval of ETF for Bitcoin will make more cash flow into the market from investors who were investing only in stocks till now. The upcoming week is going to be exciting.
Current balance$3 363
Current balance$128,86
TOTAL Profit/Loss$227,94
Investment summary

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