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7.8 out of 10 is a collective intelligence and AI-powered crypto trading bot that will manage your Binance crypto portfolio for you. Since 2015, Cindicator Capital, the hedge fund behind, has been gathering forecasts from over 170,000 analysts. These forecasts are then processed by machine learning models, which generate a signal that is used to build the trading strategy. For the top 30 altcoins, employs a long-only index strategy, which is rebalanced on a daily basis to keep the portfolio stable and growing.

Ease of Use


No lockups



Dynamic hedging


Pricing – 5% fee

Min deposit $1000

Android app needs to be improved

What is

How To Get Started On

  1. Create Binance account
  2. Create account
    • Go to web-page and create account.
    • Optionally: install Android/IOS app.
  3. Connect your Binance account
    • Create a Binance API with “Enable Trading” and connect it with Stoic. You can scan a QR code, that will automatically connect your Binance account with
  4. Enjoy automated trading
    • There’s no hassle with complicated settings: once it’s connected, will start trading within 24 hours.
stoic 2021 10 07 100723 Dashboard

Stoic’s strategy only works with the top 30 altcoin. The Stoic strategy rebalances the weights of different currencies based on their quantitative parameters as well as some Hybrid Intelligence input. The rebalancing takes place daily and is primarily based on market data that has been processed through some complex math developed by Cindicator’s team. The strategy’s goal is to make USD gains while outperforming BTC during the same time period. The number of trades made by a Stoic may vary. You can always check your Binance trading activity.


No lockups

Unlike with funds, you can always withdraw all of your cryptocurrency.


Do not be concerned about storing your private keys. All of your assets remain in your Binance account, the world’s largest crypto exchange with unrivaled security. Stoic connects to your account via a read-only API, which means it can only trade and cannot withdraw your assets from Binance.

Automated manages and monitors the portfolio entirely, making it convenient and time-saving. Furthermore, the Stoic will manage your daily re-balancing. Stoic team has researched and verified hundreds of crypto trading algorithms to find one that works in both bullish and bearish markets. You don’t need to worry about which assets to buy, how much to hold or sell, when to enter or exit, and at what prices to do all of this.
Stoic does it all for you.

Dynamic hedging

Stoic’s hedge refers to the percentage of one’s portfolio that will be held in USDT (TetherUS) as a hedge against potential market volatility, this is special feature to minimize losses even more during the bear market. Aside from that, the Stoic app provides its users with a dynamic hedge. This is a tool for users who do not want to monitor the current market conditions.

Performance gif maker

Since Stoic’s algorithm started trading in March 2020 and by December, it has made +318%, while Bitcoin did +277% and the S&P 500 just +44%. And the algorithm doesn’t use any high-risk instruments like derivatives, leverage, or short selling.

As of August 23, 2021, the Stoic algorithm has generated +2,143% since March 2020. To view all historical Stoic returns data, go to DEMO-portfolio and select any time-period chart. The Demo account in the Stoic app is the real account that began trading in March. All of the figures and graphs are true.

Customer Support

To address any difficulties, users may contact Stoic customer care through email or in-app chat. Customer service is responsive and resolves problems quickly.



During the setup, you pay a management fee. The fee is 5% of the sum of funds you give Stoic to manage (equal to the sum of funds on the Binance account you connect to Stoic). After you add more cryptocurrency to your Binance account, will request that you pay an additional 5% fee on the deposit amount for the rest of your pre-paid year. Stoic will not request fees if they are less than 30 USDT.

Min deposit

The minimum deposit amount is 1000 USDT.

How handle market correction?

Because Stoic’s current strategy is long-only, it will suffer temporary losses during a market correction. However, as compared to manual trading, the method should cut losses quickly, reducing the extent of the drop. Hedging is a specific feature of the Stoic that helps to reduce losses even further during a bear market. You can choose a percentage of your portfolio to keep in USDT at all times and protect that money. You can, on the other hand, release your entire portfolio into the Strategy to pursue the more adventurous path.

How much can I earn with

It all depends on market conditions. Because Stoic’s current strategy is long-only, it will suffer temporary losses during a market correction. However, when compared to manual trading, the strategy should cut losses quickly, reducing the depth of the price drop.
If you are interested in my account performance, please check my daily summary articles, where I share the whole portfolio and real profit and loss data:

Conclusion – Best Trading bot?

I’ve been using for a while now, and I must say that I’m impressed. It has a strong foundation that is backed by a hedge fund. It performs excellently, and it is really simple to use. Just set it up and forget it. Let take care of the gains. I highly recommend checking it out. It is the best trading bot available out there as of now.

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  1. My experience with Stoic was a complete failure. Recently in January, Stoic was on average 10% below the BTC line. It worked fine as long as the trend was up but failed to stick at least to the BTC trend when the market went down. I ceased to use Stoic those last days and converted all my shitty tiny fractions of coins that Stoic bought to BTC. Now I am up again since I did that move. I do not recommend it. I was happy to have a small test investment with STOIC before playing at a different level.With such tool the minum you could expect, is that it performs in the same way as the BTC ref not worse.

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